• Image of "Barnard & Lena" Limited Edition Print

"Barnard & Lena" limited edition print by Angel Hawari.

🌸 Barnard & Lena 🌸

Barnard's favorite pastime is climbing. He tried climbing on the pig, but it rolled over nearly squashing him. It took a frantic couple minutes of wiggling to get free while everyone else just giggled.

The lamas peered at him from under their fluffy locks, and always managed to side step out of the way the second he was about to leap on their high backs.

But the placid capybara, Lena, sat perfectly still. She knew he just wanted to see if he could. So she let him hop on her back, and then onto her head.

For one glorious minute and a half he stood there proud as could be until a butterfly flitted past his nose, and he scrambled down after it. Like she knew he would. Little goats are so distractable.

This sweet little goat and capybara illustration is about encouraging our friends to try new things. Even when those things seems silly.

Acomplishments, even small ones, lead to bigger and better things. Although in Barnard's case, who knows what this will lead to. He may set his eye on climbing the farmhouse!

I hope these two friends will brighten your day, or provide a warm & fuzzy pick-me-up to a friend who needs one.

🌸 Easy to frame in any ready-made
5" x 7" standard picture frame

Size: 5" x 7"
Edition size: 40

🌸 Each one is signed & numbered. There will only ever be 40 of these, so once they are sold out they won't be reprinted.

Printed on uncoated, naturally textured 32pt Mohawk Superfine paper with a sunny yellow seam on the outer edges.

This is a heavy paper with a matte finish that makes the image look powdery soft. Which went really well with the subject matter, a silly goat standing on his capybara friend's head.

They are a perfect addition to an existing art collection, and would make nice gifts to send a bit of warm & fuzzy to someone special.

Barnard and Lena (c) Angel Hawari, 2019.
All rights reserved.

Copyright Notice
Copyright (c) Angel Hawari
All Rights Reserved
Permission must be granted to copy all or part of the art work. This artwork may not be sold, duplicated on other websites, incorporated in commercial products, or used for promotional purposes in any manner without my express written permission.