"Reyu" felt doll

$145.00 USD

9" felt art doll by Angel Hawari.
Designed & stitched by hand.

This listing includes:
-9" Reyu doll
-beaded necklace
-embroidered shoulder bag

*Teeny kitties & mushrooms listed seperately

The name Reyu (ray-you) means self-possesed, practical, and takes responsibilities seriously. Doesn't casually get involved in other people's lives, but is fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

Appears unfriendly & unapproachable, has no patience for deceit or manipulation, and tends to speaks impulsively. Strong sense of justice. Also a bit of a hermit.

Artist's thoughts on dollmaking:
Dollmaking is like bringing something already there into the world so everyone else can see it too. The dolls I make seem to want to exist, and they have opinions about who they want to be.

Which sounds a little weird, but there have been times when I've thought "oh, that would be cute!", but they definitely seemed to be saying, "Um...yeah. No, thank you". It feels like an unspoken dialog rather than trying to force things. Which is kind of nice.

Sometimes I get really stuck, and don't know how to finish detailing a doll. I imagine they're not really sure who they are yet, and that's ok. We all go through that. But when a doll starts coming together, especially if it was hard to work out the details, it's very satisfying.

Reyu Felt Art Doll (c) Angel Hawari, 2021.
All rights reserved.