Voodoo doll-Green eyes


9" Voodoo Doll by Angel Hawari
Variation: Green Eyes

Arms & legs are attached seperately for posability! Designed & hand stitched from my own pattern.


These started out with a certain color palette in mind, pops of rainbow on black fabric. But as they started to come together, they started telling me who they were and why they needed to be.

I like the idea of mended people. Going through difficult life experiences can make you more compassionate. It doesn't always, but it can. Working on these dolls, they definitely seemed to be saying, "We all get to choose what kind of person we are." We may not be able to control a lots of other things, but who we are and what we put into the world we can decide.

Depending on how you look at them, they are happy, sad, or somewhere in between. That's 100% intentional.

Voodoo Art Doll (c) Angel Hawari, 2021.
All rights reserved.