Big Bat

$55.00 USD

Bat Doll

Size: 5" x 8"

*listing is for one largest sized bat

Each one is hand cut & stitched by me.
Materials: felt, embroidery thread, & stuffing

Thoughts on Bats:
To some bats are suspicious creatures. Objects of superstition & fear. But to others they are harmless, fascinating little creatures.

Perhaps the reality of living closely to a large colony has it's down sides. I wouldn't know because I've always lived in the city and on occasion in rural areas.

It was those rare occasions that I got to see small brown bats circling twilight skies hunting for bugs. Tiny silhouettes flitting across velvety skies when just barest hint of stars sparkled up above.

Or the time I visited Crystal Caverns in Spring Valley, Wisconsin with friends & we found one napping on a stalactite entirely unconcerned by our presence which meant we got to observe it up close. It was so delicate and really hard to imagine it provoking alarm. We also learned about white nose syndrome which threatens bat populations here in the US. You can learn more about that on your own if you're inclined.

In making these dolls, I learned they are called Fluttermice in some places. Fledermaus in Swedish, Fleddermuys in Dutch, Vledermūs in German, and so on. And now that little nugget of information is tucked into your mind as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my textile interpretations of these social and interesting creatures. They were a joy to make.

Big Bat Doll (c) Angel Hawari, 2021.
All rights reserved.